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Already 10 years together.
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Bianco Logistic

Since the beginning of our company’s existence (2003) we have been fully involved in working on the success of our demanding customers. To meet their expectations, we offer a full range of services and packages of transport services.

For us, BIANCO LOGISTIC is not just a job. This is passion for developing our business. It’s empathy, we give our customers in the brutal daily economic life. It is also a motivation for success, accompanying us at every new project.

Our dynamic growth is an undeniable advantage, it is accompanied by the expansion of our customers and mutual support in all of the difficult decisions.

BIANCO LOGISTICS is the speed, reliability, flexibility, modern fleet and obviously committed staff to meet the fast growing market demands. We use modern tools, so that our customers always know what’s going on with their cargo, and to be able to provide information about the order carried out quickly and easily.

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