The offer


According to the principle “time is money … save both,” we have specialized in express transportation of consignments in Europe, and in particular on routes to Spain and Portugal. To meet the requirements of customers, our trucks have a diverse payload, volume and bodywork.

We have carrier civil liability insurance in international traffic for a guarantee sum of USD 250,000, thanks to which every consignment transported with our means of transport is secured in accordance with the CMS convention.

If you need any transport, please call or email us and we will try to help you and execute your order and meet your expectations. The transport services offered by BIANCO LOGISTIC are subject to an individual valuation, depending on the type and size of the transported goods and the distance to the destination. In order to obtain detailed information about the services, as well as the valuation of the order, please contact us by phone or email. Our team will quickly and efficiently take over the order, and our drivers with many years of experience in transportiion in Europe will securely deliver your cargo always on time.

Our drivers know the principles of securing the cargo and comply with the regulations, so you can rest assured of the timeliness and security of your order. We provide transport services in the EU, in particular we specialize in routes to Spain and Portugal