Bianco Logistic - fleet 2019


Since 2003, we have been constantly working on the success of our Clients. International transport is the basis of our business. We specialize in transport on Poland – Spain / Portugal – Poland routes.

Currently, we have 150 transport units . Modern fleet and security are our priorities. Every year we modernize the fleet, and every four years we replace our trucks.

We guarantee the highest quality of services to our regular business partners in the automotive industry, with white goods and brown goods. Our KPI from key clients is 99%.

What distinguishes us is our several years of experience, excellent work organization, timeliness, responsibility and highly qualified employees.


Founding of Bianco Logistic Company

Initially, the company dealt with a wide range of transport processes, as well as it developed and delivered the latest IT solution for transport. At the initial stage Bianco Logistic activities included only Poland.

Expansion to international transport services

Our passion for transport caused expansion into international transport services with our own fleet. Continuous development leads to the possibility of implementing larger projects and facing greater challenges. We systematically increase and modernize our fleet.

150 own transport units transportowych

From the beginning, we have all the required ratings and licenses. We focus on the success of our company and our Business Partners. To meet your expectations, we offer a wide range of service packages for transport and forwarding.

An unquestionable advantage is dynamic development, which is also accompanied by the development of our Business Partners and mutual support in all difficult decision-making processes.

Bianco Logistic means speed, reliability, high flexibility, a modern fleet and, and of course, dedicated staff. All these elements are necessary to meet the expectations of a rapidly growing transport market. We use modern tools, thanks to which our customers are always aware of what is happening with their goods and we provide transport information in a quick and transparent way.


Bianco Logistic logistics team is involved in every transport order. Nothing is impossible – our principle is flexibility, reliability and timeliness of implementation, which guarantees the safety of goods and timeliness of deliveries. For us, Bianco Logistic is not just a job – it’s a passion for the development of our company, it’s empathy for our customers on every day of their business life. We also focus on the success of every new investment.

For all of us who are part of Bianco Logistic Company – regardless of the position we hold – work means a huge challenge, but also satisfaction with what we do. Every day we deal with the challenges of the modern world of logistics. A team of hundreds of employees focuses on the daily implementation of tasks. We make sure that our team is highly qualified, that’s why we take part in regular trainings, thanks to which we provide our services at the highest level.

Our company has its own base equipped with repair workshops and equipment for washing trucks in the central part of Poland. As a result, we can systematically carry out truck inspections to minimize the risk of vehicle failure. All decision-making processes are taken in our office in Żyrardów, located between Łódź and Warsaw.

We carry out our tasks with commitment because nothing drives us as much as the success and satisfaction of our customers. Positive recommendations from companies with whom we cooperate confirm the quality of our work. There is nothing more stimulating for taking actions.